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An association of the largest and most successful retailers in several countries of Central and South America and the Caribbean. A cooperative group who pools their resources to buy together and obtain the best products at the best prices; who share the accumulated knowledge and experience of years in the Latin-American retail market; who though separate work together to better all the parts of the whole.

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Together we travel throughout the world visiting trade shows. Each retailerís buyers cooperatively formulate the orders according to their needs. The offices and warehouses in Miami, Florida are the logistic center where these orders are placed, processed, paid received and shipped to the different final destinations. These destinations are the stores of such well-respected retailers as the Cuesta Group in Dominican Republic, Cemaco in Costa Rica, Corporacion Favorita in Ecuador. Chain stores, such as the toy stores Jugueton and baby stores, Bebemundo and other specialty retailers located in several Latin-American countries form part of the group as well.